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Usage Fees


     Sanctuary                                                $400

     Pastor                                                      $350

     Organist  (with rehearsal)                        $300

     Organist (no rehearsal).                          $250

     Soloist                                                      $150

Other rentals (up to 6 hours. For longer rentals, inquire with Church Office):

Sanctuary Rental (up to 6 hrs, for recitals, rehearsals, etc)      $250

Fellowship Hall Rental

      Hall only.                                         $250

      Hall plus kitchen/no stove              $350 (plus $200 kitchen security deposit)

      Hall plus kitchen/with stove.           $400 (plus $200 kitchen security deposit) 

      Sound system.                                $50 (plus $200 security deposit)

      Projector and screen.                     $50

Kitchen, commercial purposes            rate available on request

Assembly Room.                                  $150

 (third floor)

Conference rooms                                $50 or $100 monthly for once/week usage

Fees for groups using Fellowship Hall on a regular basis will be set by the Property Committee.

Members of Trinity Church receive discounted rates.

Please note:  Alcohol is not allowed on the church property.

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