Valeria has been our Senior Minister since February, 2015. She enjoys experimenting with different forms of worship including Contemporary Christian music, spending time with children and youth, and reaching out to the wider community.


She is passionate about working towards peace and justice, and protecting our environment. To her, being a church means building stronger relationships with God, with fellow church members, and with all of God’s children.

Valeria loves Trinity Church because it is an open, diverse, caring community of people seeking God and trying to make a difference in Northborough and beyond.

You may contact her by phone:

(508) 393-8156.

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Pastor Valeria

Senior Minister

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If we become upset about change, what experience of God are we afraid of losing? 

Is our concept of who God is tied only to things that feel familiar to us?

Or is it possible that God could show up to us even in new things if we give them a chance?

Is it possible that a new thing, given some time, could eventually feel familiar and full of the presence of God?

Change in worship...

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