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It has been amazing to have all the kids together again on Sunday’s and for youth group. We have continued to focus on creating a faith book during CE. This has led to some really great conversations among the kids and adults. This will be an ongoing project that the kids will work on that will really allow them to deep dive into their own faith and will give them something when we finish that they can bring with them anywhere. Our service project this month was making no sew hats to get added to the Giving Tree at the library for those in need.

This month we will take a break on our faith books in order to practice and get ready for the Christmas Play. We will use classes on the 5th and 12th to get ready and will perform the play in church on the 19th. Due to copy right laws this portion of the service will not be live streamed so be sure to come watch it live!

This month Sherry will also be sending families a daily devotional that they can use at home.

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Youth Calendar

Sunday Worship

Faith foundations &

Youth programs

We offer Faith Foundation classes for kids from Kindergarten through High School. Kids stay with their families for the first part of worship and then leave with their teachers after the Children's Message.


Our Faith Foundations lessons take a holistic approach as the kids build a foundation to their faith, incorporating mind, heart and body. We have a dedicated and caring group of volunteer teachers and shepherds who ensure that each child has an uplifting and meaningful experience. 

The Value of Faith Foundations for Kids:

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Article for Parents:

dear parents with young children...

Check out Trinity's Youth In:

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"Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity"

1 Timothy 4:12

Once a month we offer youth group for kids in grades six through twelve.  This group provides opportunities for kids to grow in leadership, spiritual formation and youth advocacy. 



"For even the son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many."

Mark 10:45

We offer many opportunities both in and out of church for our youth to put their faith into practice and give back to their community.


During non-COVID time we offer nursery care for children age 4 and younger. Come visit our nursery with age appropriate toys for ages 0-4 years old. 

Sundays during worship at 10 a.m.. 

Hear about God's love in a playful, age-appropriate way in our newly renovated nursery.

FORMS for families



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ADDITIONAL resources
for families
Lending Library

We now have a lending library. Children/families will be able to check out faith based books. We have both young and teen books available! Children can check them out after class or families can come up after class to check them out.

Games That Build Faith 

Adventure Bible

"Have fun while you learn with Adventure Bible games for kids! You’ll find games to help you learn about people, places and events in the Bible… memorize books of the Bible... and test Scripture knowledge. Move up the levels in each game and see how many points you can earn!"

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"While playing, children would not only have fun but learn while they experience Bible truths. Children would associate God's Word in a positive way that would encourage them to share it with friends."

Additional Youth Program

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Parent meeting and orientation with introduction of the material Workshop 

1: Sexual Health and Learning About our Bodies Workshop 

2: Sexual Health: Taking Care of our Sexual Selves Workshop 

3: Sexual Health: Making Safer Choices Workshop 

4: Lifespan Sexuality: Exploring our Sexual Development Workshop

5: Lifespan Sexuality: Becoming a Parent Workshop

6: Lifespan Sexuality: Expressions of Sexuality Workshop

7: Building Healthy Sexual Relationships: Communication Workshop

8: Building Healthy Sexual Relationships: Intimacy, Masturbation and Lovemaking Workshop

9: Building Healthy Sexual Relationships: Recognizing Unhealthy Relationships Workshop

10: Sexuality and Social Issues: Reproductive Rights, Power, Control and Equality Honest, accurate information about sexuality is life changing. 


Comprehensive sex education dismantles stereotypes and assumptions, builds self-acceptance and self-esteem, fosters healthy relationships, improves decision making, and potentially saves lives. OWL is a nationally recognized, secular, values based program that emphasizes self-worth, sexual health, responsibility, and justice & inclusivity. OWL affirms the role of parents as their children’s primary sexuality educators. OWL covers topics and skills that both parents and students want but that schools are less likely to cover. National surveys show that most parents, as well as educators and students themselves, would expand sex ed courses and curriculum. OWL does just that. OWL provides holistic, accurate, and developmentally appropriate information. OWL uses interactive workshops and lessons to engage participants. The program helps students make informed and responsible decisions about sexual health and behavior.

Youth Lead Worship

Several times a year, our youth prepare and lead worship services with Pastor Valeria.

We want to create a safe, loving and accepting environment for all. Our Safe Church Policy requires that there always be more than one adult present in the room when working with children and youth.
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J.C. goes to soccer practice! 

traveling j.c.

JC is bored! He's been sitting in Pastor Valeria's office for weeks and is looking for friends to hang out with.


Will you invite him to your home? Take him shopping, to the park, to a game, day trip - anywhere that you are going. We're hoping to get 20 photos of JC in action by the end of the month. Post them on Facebook, Instagram, and send to Pastor Valeria!

What would make it even more fun? Meet up with another Trinity family to pass JC on! And be sure to snap a pic!

If you want JC, please email Pastor Valeria:


By the way, he loves adults, too, so don't hesitate to sign up even if you don't have any kids in your household!


J.C. at home in Trinity