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Building Use

by Outside Groups



Request Process

All requests for church building and facility usage shall be submitted through the church office during normal business hours.  The requested time and date will be checked for availability against the master calendar maintained by the administrative assistant.  All new requests shall be approved by the Finance and Property Committee.  As part of the request, a contact person for the requesting group must be established.  All events are to end by 9:30 pm and the building is to empty by 10:00 pm unless prior arrangements have been made.



Fees for events are based on type of event, length of time needed, number of people, and facilities required.


If an event is extended over two or more days, the fees are assessed daily.  At the discretion of the church, the custodian or a church volunteer may be present for events. These fees may be modified or waived at the discretion of the Minister or the Finance and Property Committee.



All outside groups using the church may be required to carry their own insurance.  Proof of insurance may be required. Requirement for insurance coverage will be decided by the Finance & Property Committee for each rental.


Building Access

A building access code may be assigned to groups using the church.  At the conclusion of the meeting or event, the member of the group who is coordinating the activity is responsible for seeing that all participants have left the building and that the 3 exterior doors and all windows opened have been closed, locked & checked to be sure they are securely locked. Please refer to the attached document about locking doors.



Food and beverages are restricted to the kitchen area and the fellowship hall.  Coffee and other soft drinks are permitted in the meeting rooms but not in the Sanctuary.



This area is to be used for religious functions by special permission only.



Arrangements for use of the kitchen must be made in advance.  The kitchen must be left clean after use. Sinks, countertops & cutting boards must be wiped down with Clorox wipes. There is a complete checklist for the kitchen usage and clean-up that must be followed. There is an extra charge for the use of the kitchen.



Supervision of Youth and Children

Trinity Church‘s Safe Church Policy requires the presence of a minimum of two adults to be present with children at all times.  We require that all outside groups using the church follow this policy. A copy of this policy is available through the Church Office upon request.



A telephone is located in the central hall for local and 911 calls only.



All spills are to be cleaned up.


Trash & Garbage

All trash & garbage from events must be collected in regular trash bags and then placed into Northborough Town (green) trash bags and left only at a place approved by the custodian. Requesting groups are required to supply all their own Northboro trash bags. These bags can be purchased at Richdale Convenience Store, Hannaford or ACE Hardware.



Blue bins are provided for recyclable bottles, plastic containers and cans rinsed clean plus clean, non-used paper goods. Any paper goods that have been used must be placed in the trash per the Town of Northborough.



Use of furniture such as chairs and tables must be arranged ahead of time and coordinated through the Church Office and/or the Finance and Property Committee.  No fees will be charged for use of available equipment; however, a charge for any damage to Church Property may be assessed. The requesting group is responsible for set-up and break down of all the furniture.  Please report any damage to the Church Office.



The built-in sound equipment in Fellowship Hall may be reserved for an additional fee.



Thermostats are on timers and should not be adjusted.


NO Smoking

Smoking is prohibited in all buildings on the church property.


NO Alcohol

Alcohol is prohibited on Church Property including building, parking lot, and grounds.


NO Open Flames

Use of candles and open flames of any kind is strictly prohibited.


NO Animals on Premises

Animals are prohibited in the church building, with the exception of service animals or animals brought into the building for special events, defined as follows:  A service animal refers to specially trained animals (primarily dogs) used to guide or provide assistance to persons with disabilities.  A special event refers to a church sponsored or authorized event, where the Finance and Property Committee has granted approval of conditions for bringing animals into the building.



Decorations may only be put up with Painters tape or Command Strips in order to minimize damage to the painted walls. No confetti, rice or rose petals are allowed inside the church or on church property.


Thank you for inquiring about rental space at Trinity Church. We will do our best to reply in 24-48 hours. You are welcome to call us if you need immediate assitacne (508) 393-8156.

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