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Adult Small Group Discussion - Book Study 6-weeks

January 28, 2020

Priorities: Adult Small Group Discussion


The Adult Ed Team is offering a book study based on Anne Robertson’s book “Exploring Justice: The Ten Commandments.” We’ll be starting with “Volume 1: Priorities,” which covers the first three commandments.


This series is about justice – the Social Justice issues which are around us every day – and how the commandments can guide our thinking about the issues. The following is taken from the introduction to the book.


You might be a bit nervous in beginning a study like this. In our polarized society, issues can hit a friendship like a lightning bolt. That’s not how we want life to be. We want to have a place to ask our honest questions and express our concerns without fear of judgment or ridicule and starting a group to talk about social issues in this climate might seem risky. 


If that’s you, you’ll be in good company with this series. Our concerns are real: What will happen if I say what I think? Suppose someone I care about has a different opinion and feels strongly about it? Suppose my experiences are met with ridicule or judgement?


This series seeks to help all of us, both separately and together, to explore the hot, fiery issues of our day from a safe distance. We’re not going to solve them or erase all differences, and we don’t aim to try. But neither is anyone going to insist that you walk directly into the fire. We often think of social justice in terms of a fight. We talk about justice “warriors” and believe we need to be fierce in arguing for our position. There is a place for that. However, God also calls many people to work for justice in ways that aren’t quite so fraught with tension and conflict.


This series is about education and dialogue and reflection. As the title implies, we are exploring justice. Our goal is to enable real dialogue and to provide a protected space to ask questions and think things through.


Then, with a fuller understanding of both the issues and our own beliefs, we can listen for God’s call to act in the role that we are uniquely gifted to fill.


We hope you’ll join us as we look at social justice issues in the light of the commandments. 


We’ve had to change the start date for the study. It will now run for six weeks, from February 16 through March 22. We are offering two groups, one at 11:30am and one at 7pm. Please register by using this link: or by calling the church office, and indicate your preferred time.  


A limited number of books are available from the office, or you may purchase a book from Amazon:


For more information, contact the church office (508) 393-8156 or



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