Saturday 2/20 @ 9am Virtual Saturday Breakfast Fellowship

At our February 20th Breakfast Fellowship meeting, I want to talk about Christian nationalism and whether the United States is or should be a Christian nation.

Christian nationalism came to light recently during the riots in Washington, D.C. on January 6. In Washington that day, there were a large number of Christian nationalist groups, people carrying the Christian flag, and people emulating the crusaders. The presence of Christian nationalists during the riots was disturbing to me, in part because they tend to be associated with White Supremacists and racist hate groups. They also want to become dominant in American politics

A number of years ago, Saturday Breakfast Fellowship talked about whether the United States was founded as a Christian nation or not. Since the founding, various groups have pushed a Christian agenda for the country.

There’s a lot we can talk about here. What is Christian nationalism? Was the United States founded as a Christian nation? Should it be a Christian nation? We can go on to are Christian nationalists organizations cults and are the members following idols?

With all of this, I’m including a lot of material for reading and thought starting with a couple Bible passages about false prophets and idols.

For those of you who participated in the “Exploring Justice: The Ten Commandments” book study a year ago, I encourage you to review the section starting on page 52 with tips for spotting idols.

I’m also including a number of articles about Christian nationalism.

Read what you can. I know I’m putting a lot of information out for discussion.

I look forward to our discussion on the 20th.

Bible Passages:

Romans 16:17-19, Mark 13:21-23


Christians Against Christian Nationalism

Repentance for Silence in the face of Christian Nationalism

Christian nationalism

This next article is rather long; however, it gives a good history of what the founding fathers were thinking and going through when our country was founded. If you only read part of the article, look at the first 4 paragraphs and the last two paragraphs.

What politicians mean when they say the United States was founded as a Christian nation

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